I provide expert, non-judgemental care and education for families. I offer warmth, knowledge and flexibility in my assistance with breast and bottle feeding, soothing, bathing, diapering, sleep, breast pumps, post-partum depression, as well as referrals to specialists and support groups.


Daytime: $50/hour (4 hours minimum)

Overnight: $400/night (10 hours)


“My wife and I had not been around infants prior to the birth of our first child, and Sharlene’s knowledge and experience was truly a life preserver for us. In short, Sharlene brought calm to the chaos. When we found out we were pregnant with our second child, Sharlene was one of our first calls to see if she was available.”

Scott C.

“I am beyond grateful for Sharlene Pope. I hired her for two weeks and could not live without her for two months. She kept me sane, centered, and focused while being sensitive and supportive throughout a time when I was in a very fragile state of mind. She helped ease me into motherhood with her kindness and patience. When she left I felt more comfortable in my new role as a mother and I also felt I had gained a new friend. ”

Delia K.

“To say that Sharlene was an invaluable presence through my labor and birth doesn't even come close to describing how my husband and I feel about her and the support she provided. I was determined to have a natural birth in a hospital setting, and I know that Sharlene was a huge part of my success. She was a gentle, calm, graceful, and knowledgeable guide. We feel so lucky to have had her as our doula and to have had her by our side at the birth of our son. ”

Sharon P.

“I would highly recommend our postpartum doula, Sharlene Pope. She is very nice, has great experience and taught us everything we needed to know about our then new and very fussy baby! My husband and I bombarded her with questions every time she came over to help. She was extremely helpful with getting us through the first couple of weeks even though we only had her come over a few times. We were nervous first time parents and she was great in helping us figure out what we should be doing with our poor little daughter! While Sharlene is not a lactation consultant, she has so much experience with new moms and was able to help me tremendously with breast feeding which was a little tricky. As she put it when we asked about her experience with giving advice on nursing, she knows a lot and can help one through quite a bit and then can figure out when to call in the "big guns", i.e., a lactation consultant.”


“Sharlene has an amazing, calm demeanor and a beautiful spirit. Her guidance was clearly informed not just by her training, but by her experiences with other mothers and her own life … she made the learning process feel very natural. I was guided through the basics and every hour we spent together I felt more and more confident … this carried over into the weeks and months after she stopped coming. I believe she is a big reason why my transition to motherhood has been such a joyous one.”

Kristen C.

“Sharlene was an incredible birthing and post-partum doula. She was an extremely calming and comforting presence during the birth of our son. Sharlene was wonderful at explaining what would happen next and what my options were when confronted with choices in the hospital.

After I gave birth, Sharlene visited me a few times in my home. Again, she made me feel much more at ease during the transition to motherhood. I had difficulty with breastfeeding and Sharlene helped guide me through that process and taught me about ways to care for myself and for the baby.

Sharlene's help during this challenging time is something I will remember forever. I would recommend Sharlene to anyone looking for a caring, loving, gentle and dependable doula.”

Annette P.

“Sharlene has been wonderful and supportive of everyone in the family, especially Gabrielle and me. She primarily cares for Gabrielle at night, but has also been so supportive of me, giving advice, answering questions to nerve-wracking issues that a first-time mom has, and just being an ear or a shoulder. She helped with the early frustration of breast feeding and now we are doing great! Being a health counselor I also value some of her more holistic advice.

Sharlene is not judgmental at all, she knows that parents need to choose their own approach, but has been happy to provide different ideas and advice which helped me formulate how I want to care for and raise my daughter. Sharlene is also a very nice, intelligent and cool person — very fun and easy to talk with. Oh and most importantly, Gabrielle adores her and she's so great with her.

I wholeheartedly recommend Sharlene!”

Ingrid A.

“As first time parents, it was an enormous relief to have Sharlene with us every night during the first week our daughter was home. Sharlene's calm presence was comforting to our daughter and reassuring to us. Moreover, Sharlene is a warm, intelligent person and a thoughtful parent. It was such a pleasure to have her in our home that week that when our second daughter was born two years later, we made sure that Sharlene was available to help us again. I recommend her without hesitation.”


“When my first son was born, I suffered from severe postpartum depression. When I found out I was pregnant again with my second son just over two years later, I was determined to do everything in my power to reduce the chances that I would go through PPD again. One of the smartest decisions I made in preparing for the birth of my second son was to hire Sharlene.”